This is just fucking ridiculous. How am I supposed to make a soundtrack for a film with 1. No sounds, 2. No director, 3. No idea what’s going on, 4. No script?? I have a video and that’s fucking it. This is stupid. I give up.

On the vodka coke, fml

have a 4K Rolling stones logo.

you know when someone just fucking moans about being bored all the time… FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND STOP TELLING ME YOU’RE BORED!

not writing a tweet because you’d have to reply to that text meaning you have to leave the house..

Gonna just play GTA and eat for the rest of the night

Reading through this script for a film I’m working on and wondering who wrote this absolute pile. So many spelling mistakes and grammar fuck-ups. I mean, I’m not saying I’m the best at English language but Jesus I’ve known foreign people with a better grasp at english than this.